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Leader in value creation and technology transfer

We transfer Assets, Ideas or R&D to the marketplace In the role as EIR´s (Entrepreneurs in Residence) we impact our clients’ profitability and long lasting growth through the use of innovative and proven tools & methodologies. Our focus is to work with "scale ups" and the next generation multi-national organisations. With our clients we transfer relevant Assets, Ideas or R&D to the marketplace to create higher value and real innovation.

Add a Coach is a independent "boutique consulting firm" with the ambition to be the most relevant value-adding tech and innovation provider in Northern Europe. This means we aim to be perceived by our customers, partners and employees as the most trusted and valuable partner in their ecosystem.

One example of engagements we like to do and that we do very well is the design and deliverance of the initative SRI (Stanford Research Institute) Innovation Symposium.

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Driven by a common vision about "partners in good company"

Our belief is that real value creation is nothing you find or buy - it's something you make or co-create.

Add a Coach connects your organisation to an eco-system of qualified specialists to help you achieve high growth and long term success. A new venture always starts with a dialogue about ideas and options to achieve value creation. Reach out to us to get a better understanding of how we work. In respect of our clients growth agendas we never expose reference projects officially.



Simplicity reflects our way of working. It doesn’t mean we work quickly and carelessly, but instead that we simplify challenges and do not become lost in too much detail. It should be simple for our customers and suppliers to work with us. That means we have to be clear and consistent in our approach.


It’s important to do the right things in the right way. It’s better to do the right things – but perhaps not completely perfectly – than to do the wrong things brilliantly. That is, 80 percent of our success depends on us doing the right things and 20 percent on us doing them correctly. Efficiency in organisations is based on the value of the items produced being higher than the cost of producing them.


The ability to develop, grow and change when required is a prerequisite for our success. Add a Coach has to be able to adapt to new conditions, new customers and new challenges in a constantly evolving market. So we need a constructive and positive attitude and to be open to new opportunities that arise from change.


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